Beginner Crystals

5 Starter Crystals for the Unconventional Beginner


Rose quartz.


Clear quartz.

Black tourmaline.

Many people are introduced to crystals through most if not all of the aforementioned. This isn’t to say any one crystal is better to work with over another when you’re first starting out. Instead, why not shed some light on some unique crystals to add a little spice to your crystal collection. You might be surprised at the different crystals that wind up calling to you.


Rhodonite is a great alternative to rose quartz. It’s nicknamed the “first-aid stone” because of the balance and spiritual repair it offers to the heart chakra. Any areas of your live that require forgiveness with love, whether to yourself or to others, rhodonite is a great crystal to work with. Rhodonite also aids in persisting through emotional pain and releasing fear when it comes to love.

Rhodonite Crystal


Howlite has such soft, calming energy. It is said to absorb anger and provide patience and clear communication. If you tend to have anxious thoughts and/or feel depressed or sad, howlite will lift your vibrations with ease. It’s also a peaceful crystal to sleep with. Howlite is associated with the third eye chakra as it provides wisdom and insight to your true self.

Howlite Crystal


Labradorite is commonly associated with the crown and third eye chakras and deals with areas of spirituality, intuition, knowledge, and guidance. Since it taps into your deep spiritual consciousness, it’s great for meditation. Labradorite also enhances your faith in self as well as the universe and releases fears and insecurities that no longer serve you. This is a great crystal to start with because of the unique colors of flash that labradorite naturally comes in. From stunning shades of blue, the soothing sunset variety of yellows and oranges, to even the rare purple flash, labradorite never ceases to amaze.

Labradorite Crystal

Red Jasper

Red jasper is a vibrant stone that connects to your sacral and root chakras to tap into your inner strength. Red jasper makes way to clear your mind and usher in new ideas. As with any stone associated with the root chakra (like black tourmaline), red jasper will provide you with protection and grounding, keeping you firmly rooted in the present. Red jasper is energetic, so if you need stamina, alertness, and a boost in passion, this is the crystal for you.

Red Jasper Crystal

Blue Kyanite

Blue Kyanite is a great crystal to aide in communication and self-expression. It will not only help you speak your truth but embody it authentically as well. You can also rely on blue kyanite to help with dream recall. Blue kyanite is a great crystal to own at the beginning of your crystal journey because it’s known to be low maintenance. It doesn’t need to be cleansed or charged as often as other crystals, and some people even claim that it doesn’t need to be cleansed at all. Blue kyanite is also high vibrational enough to cleanse other crystals, similar to selenite.

Blue Kyanite Crystal

Hopefully this has shed some light on some new crystals for you! This was actually a tough list to narrow down to only 5, since I love to highlight the unique crystal underdogs in my personal life as well as in my work. If you’re curious to experience any of these crystals for yourself, check out the necklaces and bracelets in stock. What are some "unconventional" crystals you were drawn to early? Would you like a continued series of this?

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