Hey Tru Aesthetix, Why Copper?

Hey Tru Aesthetix, Why Copper?

There is intention behind every pendant creation, from the crystals chosen to be wrapped, the intuitive energy of the style of wrap, and yes, even the metal chosen to wrap with. So why did we choose copper?

Copper has been used in many cultures across the globe since pre-historic times. Humans have used copper for such things as weaponry, ceramics, and jewelry. While it's been used for tools to benefit everyday life, copper has a list of wonderful health benefits as well. For example, copper is an antioxidant, meaning it aids in reducing and slowing down the signs of aging. It's also great for alleviating joint pain and swelling since it has anti-inflammatory properties.


While it's great to look into what copper can do for your physical health, copper also has spiritual properties that deal with what it does for you when worn as jewelry.

Copper is grounding.

As mentioned briefly before, copper can do great things for the health of the human body. This metal is actually one of the few metallic elements that is essential for us to consume through the foods we eat. In this way, we can consider copper a metal of the body. On top of that, copper comes from the earth. Therefore, it keeps you grounded and secure in your physical self and can also be tied to the root chakra. How cool is that?

Copper is a spiritual conductor.

If copper can be a conductor for electricity, it would make sense that it can similarly conduct the vibrations of the crystal it surrounds on a spiritual level. For instance, let's take a black kyanite pendant wrapped in copper. If you're wearing black kyanite to remove negative energy from you, the copper conducts that spiritual energy to surround and protect you from "energy vampires" that seek to drain you or from low vibrational frequencies within that will weigh you down.

Copper enhances energy flow.

Similar to being a spiritual conductor, the transmitted energy flow can be enhanced by copper. For example, the closer you wear a crystal to its associated chakra, the more the copper enhances the energy to flow and balance the chakra. Give it a try wearing a crystal like lapis lazuli that's associated with the throat chakra around your neck.

The spiritual properties of copper can be felt whether you wear it around your neck in a pendant or adorn your wrist with a bracelet. If you've been intrigued to incorporate copper wire wrapped crystals into your jewelry collection, check out our necklaces and bracelets here.

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