Jewelry That Heals: The Different Types of Crystals for Anxiety

Jewelry That Heals: The Different Types of Crystals for Anxiety

The idea that crystals can affect the way we feel and even help us heal depends on the Asian ideas of chakras and the energy that moves through them. When our chakras are blocked, or energy can't flow the way it should, we start to feel the negative effects.

Anxiety and stress in particular are some of those sensations that can block our energy and cause us to feel stuck or stagnant. But there are crystals for anxiety that can help. Keep reading for our list of the different types of crystals for anxiety that can help you move through this time of stress and come out on the other side.


The energy in an amethyst crystal is protective and healing as well as purifying. Of the types of crystals for anxiety, this one can help dispel negative energy while at the same time attracting positive and calming energy. 

The calming vibes of this stone should also help you settle your mind, promoting better sleep at night. That can be crucial during a time of anxiety since a full night's sleep can be one of the first things to go when we're feeling stressed. With your mind relaxed, you may also be better equipped to find a solution to your situation. 


This stone is also known as the stone of compassion. It can help reduce anxiety by encouraging you to release that which no longer serves you. In addition, it can help you start to find and see order in your feelings of panic, producing deeper feelings of calm and security. 

Jewelry with crystals like rhodonite can do a lot to help you heal and move forward since they nurture love and peace. This is a stone you can use to heal your own past emotional wounds and scars and look toward the future. In light of this, rhodonite can be particularly effective for those suffering from a specific past trauma or who need that last bit of motivation to enter recovery.


Citrine calls forth feelings of joy, wonder, and enthusiasm, and you can't help but leave your fear and worries behind and let this warmth wash over you. This crystal can unwind tension in the body, helping to release anxiety and move you toward moments of rest.

This crystal can also provide the confidence and faith you need to trust yourself in the decisions you need to make. 


Moonstone crystals in jewelry can be particularly potent and beneficial for women. These stones help us connect to our feminine side and balance our hormones. They're also thought to be directly connected to all things related to motherhood, from fertility to pregnancy to childbirth.

For those without worries about motherhood and just general anxiety, moonstone most importantly fosters our own inner strength and growth. It drives us toward fresh starts and helps stabilize those feelings of stress or fear. It can act as a sort of beacon through metaphorical clouds in our lives. 

Rose Quartz

With its soft, pink hue, rose quartz definitely evokes love. And if you turn that power toward yourself and lean into self-love, you can start to combat your stress. This crystal encourages love, creativity, and inspiration.

This is one of the best crystals for anxiety because it can help us remember to love and be kind to ourselves, even when we're feeling under pressure. Keeping one of these crystals in sight or wearing jewelry with it will help open your heart and mind to the self-worth you need to face all your challenges. These crystals make particularly meaningful jewelry since it's a way to keep this stone close to your skin at all times.


This crystal is thought to help connect its holders with the divine, therefore helping to relieve stress or anxiety. It can bring you harmony and balance, a strong foundation of support as you find and maintain your own sense of inner peace during a time of stress.

Black Tourmaline

This is a protective stone, and it's one that works well for stress since it specifically keeps negative energy away. By giving you that sort of protective bubble, black tourmaline helps you find the space to work through whatever is currently causing you anxiety without the pressure of further bad feelings.

If you wear these crystals in jewelry, they can serve a revitalizing purpose and keep you going throughout the day.


For anyone with general levels of high anxiety or stress due to their daily habits, lepidolite is a great choice. It's partly made of lithium, which is also usually found in a variety of anti-anxiety medications.

Keeping this stone in your bedroom or anywhere else that you spend a lot of time relaxing and unwinding can help restore your sense of mental well-being. If you meditate, this is a good stone to add to your meditative practice.

Blue Lace Agate

This crystal deals specifically with communications and misunderstandings. Whether you're anxious because a conversation has gone wrong and you don't know how to fix it, or you're planning to have a difficult conversation, blue lace agate can help.

Keep this stone close to you or wear it as jewelry when you're dealing with a difficult communication situation or you need to share your feelings in a way that's spiking your anxiety levels.


For those who find their minds racing when they're under a lot of pressure, sodalite can be a centering force. It's a stone of peace, and it can help you find a sense of calm when you're feeling anything but.

These crystals in jewelry are particularly impactful because wearing sodalite lets you keep it close at all times, so you'll always be prepared for a stressful situation. 

Crystals for Anxiety: Find Yours Today

Whatever the cause of your stress, one of these crystals for anxiety could be your newest solution. Whether you choose to wear it, give it a permanent place in your home, or add it to your meditation and mindfulness practice, one of these choices could have a major positive impact on how you feel.

If you're not sure where to find any of these, browse our Stress & Anxiety Relief collection to pick out your next crystal.

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