Choosing the Perfect Crystal Jewelry

Choosing the Perfect Crystal Jewelry

When you’re new to crystals, all the different types and metaphysical properties you come across can get overwhelming. Applying all that to an important piece for frequent use such as crystal jewelry can become a difficult task. So how do you know which piece is meant for you? Which do you choose? We’ve got a few easy pointers for you to consider when choosing the perfect crystal jewelry.

Crystal Jewelry Wrapped in Copper

Metal Choice

Whether you’re looking at wire wrapped jewelry or other pendant styles, there is significance in the type of metal used. Silver is considered the metal of the mind as it is known to stimulate psychic awareness and emotional balance. Gold is considered the metal of the spirit, and with its sunlike energy, it brings spiritual alignment and beauty from within to the surface. We’ve already covered copper’s spiritual properties in an earlier blog post, so check that out as well.

Choosing by Color

Even if you’re not well-versed in all of the crystal properties in the world, focusing on color is a great alternative. Think about your favorite color, a color that you feel and look good in when you wear it, or a color that sparks a positive emotion within you. There is meaning behind that! Below is a quick guide to help you understand the significance behind most colors that crystals come in.

Red: passion, love, motivation

Orange: energy, creativity, personal power

Yellow: joy, optimism, confidence

Green: growth, connection to nature, abundance

Blue: tranquility, self-expression, trust

Purple: introspection, wisdom, spirituality

Pink: love, compassion, acceptance

White/Clear: harmony, openness, clarity

Black: power, purification, protection

Blue Crystal Jewelry for Tranquility, Self-Expression, and Trust

Choosing by Chakra

Chakras are energy points within the body. Although some say there are over 100 different chakras, the 7 main chakras along the spine are what most people refer to. Each chakra has their own unique trait and can be either imbalanced, balanced, or overactive at any given time. Crystals pertaining to the chakra are usually sought out when there’s imbalance.

Crystal Jewelry Sorted by Chakra

Many crystals tend to be associated with one or multiple chakras. There are even some crystals that balance all chakras. Below are a few examples for each chakra to get you started.

Root chakra crystals for security and stability: red jasper, hematite, smoky quartz

Sacral chakra crystals for creativity and pleasure: mookaite, carnelian, orange calcite

Solar Plexus chakra crystals for self-esteem and confidence: citrine, tiger’s eye, pyrite

Heart chakra crystals for love and compassion: rose quartz, garnet, green aventurine

Throat chakra crystals for communication and expression: blue apatite, sodalite, angelite

Third Eye chakra crystals for intuition and visualization: lapis lazuli, fluorite, labradorite

Crown chakra crystals for awareness and spiritual connection: howlite, amethyst, lepidolite

Crystals for all chakras: clear quartz, selenite, blue kyanite

Choosing by Personality

Being you is the best way to choose your crystal jewelry! There are so many aspects of your personality that can inspire your jewelry choice. If you’re into astrology, take a look at crystals for your zodiac sign. You can even find some birthstones set in jewelry.

Crystals with gentle energy such as lepidolite and chrysocolla are good for introverts, and extroverts and energetic crystals such as red jasper and tiger’s eye go hand-in-hand. However, connecting with crystals from the opposite personality type can balance your inner energy.

Crystal Bracelets for Personality

Intention, Intention, Intention

Rely on your intentions to draw you towards the crystal with the metaphysical properties meant to assist you. For instance, if you’re feeling like you need to work on not getting upset so easily, then crystals that assist in alleviating anger such as garnet and carnelian will be perfect for you to have on hand often. You can also set intentions to attract and manifest what you need. Looking for wealth and abundance? Pyrite, green aventurine, and citrine are great choices for you, just to name a few.

What to do now that you’ve received the perfect crystal jewelry piece? We’ll have a blog post coming up about that. Stay tuned!

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